The day you’ve all been waiting for…and this time you knew about it.

The Streamer Championship has finally arrived! Everything’s going to be dependent on how long rounds actually take to finish (since it’s only 8 people, there’s a decent chance that not all of the matches will go to time). There is a 15-minute break planned between each segment. The segments are, in order:

Return to Ravnica Draft (3:00 PM EST)

Standard (~6:30 PM EST)

Cube Draft (~9:30 PM EST)

We’ll kick off with some streamed coverage/brief outlines of the tournament at 2:50 PM EST at, with drafting set to start at 3:00 PM. Conley Woods will be joining me in the booth to start off the day. Standard should start somewhere around 6:30 PM EST, with Cube drafting starting around 9:30 PM EST. I’ll be cycling people on and off Skype throughout the day as they become available. So…if there are any other pros/Magic personalities you’d love to see on coverage, send a tweet to me (@FoundOmega) or them or post here and I’ll see what I can do.


The tournament you’ve been waiting for and just didn’t know it.


The war to end all wars (until the next one)! The battle for the entire internet…

Introducing the first ever Magic Online Streamer Championship!

From the far reaches of this galaxy we call the internet, we have gathered eight of the greatest Magic streamers of all time (of course, all time isn’t very long in Magic streaming history) for a showdown so epic…you can watch it in your underwear.

Who are these mythical contestants in this war? We have…

AJ Sacher – AJ Sacher is a self-described profishional Magic player. He is a writer for StarCityGames Premium. He has also been an integral part of including technology with Magic, as one of the first Magic streamers and creator of the technically-focused series AJTV.



MTGO Username: sacakewalk

Cedric Phillips – Cedric Phillips is one of the most widely-loved personalities in the Magic community. As an avid streamer, a member of the Stream Team, and commentator for StarCityGames Open Series events, CeddyP brings with him a level of energy rivaled by few others.



MTGO Username: Celldweller

Jan van der Vegt – Better known by his Magic Online Username Dzy, Jan is 25 years old and from Amsterdam. He loves Constructed and Cube. Since returning to Magic two years ago, he has Top 16’d GP Amsterdam and won a MOCS. He streams on a regularly basis and usually streams the currently-relevant constructed format and some drafts unless Cube is available. Then the rest of the world fades away and he keeps Cubing.



MTGO Username: Dzy

Michael Hetrick – Sometimes known as the “Heart-throb of the Pro Tour”, Michael Hetrick often plays UW Control in every format. He is tied for the most MTGO PTQ wins at 3 and will be playing his fifth PT in Montreal alongside Team Panik. He also writes for ChannelFireball.



MTGO Username: _ShipItHolla

Michael Jacob – Michael Jacob has played Magic professionally for 9 years, with four grand Prix Top 8s, a Pro tour top 4, and Team Worlds Title. Now, he spends time teaching people to play Magic on his stream, which has had almost 1.5 million view since March of 2012. He’s also a member of the mtgstreamteam with Cedric Phillips and Greg Hatch.



MTGO Username: DarkestMage

Owen Turtenwald – A Platinum Pro Player and the 2011 Player of the Year, Owen has 11 Grand Prix Top 8s including a record-breaking 7 in 2011 alone. He’s also a writer for ChannelFireball and occasional streamer.



MTGO Username: qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnuj

Sam Black – Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player, a member to Team SCGBlack, and a writer for StarCityGames.  He’s known for outside the box drafting and deckbuilding, and has been involved in creating a number of successful Pro Tour decks, including the Blazing Shoal deck he finished 4th with in Pro Tour Philadelphia.



MTGO Username: Vicalis

Tom Martell – Tom Martell is a Platinum Pro player, writer for ChannelFireball, and occasional co-host of MagicTV. He has three Grand Prix Top 8s, including a win in Indianapolis this year where he introduced Lingering Souls to the Legacy format.



MTGO Username: TomM

Eight players. Nine rounds. Three formats. One winner.

All with coverage at Twitter at

Now what is it?

3 rounds of RTR Draft

3 rounds of Standard

3 rounds of MTGO Holiday Cube Draft

Finals will be a cut to Top 2, playing it out over one match of Standard

Since there will be no downtime between rounds (the benefit of everything being on Magic Online), there will be a 15-minute break between the start of each of the three formats.

Everything will be streamed. EVERYTHING. All the rounds. All the angles. All 8 players will be streaming simultaneously. Listen to whomever you want to. Switch between games. Switch between players IN THE SAME GAME. We’ll even have a separate coverage stream at with Pro commentary over Skype cycling throughout the day.

It’s a one day streaming bonanza to round out the year. What could be better?

Date/Time: December 30th, 2012. 3:00 PM

The prizes for these players are:

1st – 1 Standard-Legal Foil Set

2nd – 36 Packs of Return to Ravnica

3 packs of Return to Ravnica will be given for every win in Swiss rounds – 108 additional packs total

Other Relevant Information:

Twitter hashtag: #MTGOSC

Tweets coming from me @FoundOmega

Stream information can be found in the Tournament Links tab or in each players’ biography above.