The day you’ve all been waiting for…and this time you knew about it.

The Streamer Championship has finally arrived! Everything’s going to be dependent on how long rounds actually take to finish (since it’s only 8 people, there’s a decent chance that not all of the matches will go to time). There is a 15-minute break planned between each segment. The segments are, in order:

Return to Ravnica Draft (3:00 PM EST)

Standard (~6:30 PM EST)

Cube Draft (~9:30 PM EST)

We’ll kick off with some streamed coverage/brief outlines of the tournament at 2:50 PM EST at, with drafting set to start at 3:00 PM. Conley Woods will be joining me in the booth to start off the day. Standard should start somewhere around 6:30 PM EST, with Cube drafting starting around 9:30 PM EST. I’ll be cycling people on and off Skype throughout the day as they become available. So…if there are any other pros/Magic personalities you’d love to see on coverage, send a tweet to me (@FoundOmega) or them or post here and I’ll see what I can do.


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